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Muscovy are well known for their tasty meat and eggs. Unlike other farm ducks (to which they are distant cousins) the Muscovy has a dry meat, more like a steak. Their eggs are rich and delicious for fresh eating or baking.

Muscovy are also excellent fly control, are less messy with water then other ducks, and when raised around people can be very friendly.

Here on the farm our Muscovy are allowed to free-range over the entire property, as they are part of our fly management system. They don't usually fly far, but we keep them lean enough they can certainly fly.

Muscovy ducklings make great pet ducks as they are hardy, easy to raise and to hatch.

At the BBB we strive to create a bird that dresses well for the table, is hardy enough to keep free-range as well as friendly and healthy. We have chick, eggs and meat for sale depending on the season.

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