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Categories which are grayed our are currently sold out

This page will be updated soon with a wide variety of animals for sale, including 2 highland cows, a few horses, a number of goats. (22/09/14)

Our pure Alpine buck is available to stud on farm.

Any doe appearing ill or unkempt will not be allowed on property.

We have a number of fosters from Need You Now Equine available for sale.
Please see page for more information about individual animals
A variety of ages available
Pure rouen ducklings/hatching eggs 2014
Farmyard mix hatching eggs available (rouen, welsh harlequine - most likely all rouen, but ducks are together)

Juvenile Barred Cochin Pair (no page)
Please see our facebook page for photo $40 for the pair

Buff Brahma Bantam Eggs (no page)
Please see our facebook page for photo, hatching eggs $20/dozen - birds not for sale

Coop Mix Hatching Eggs (no page)
Mixed BPR/Marran medium brown hatching eggs $15/dozen; always hatch well, pullets from these birds are laying medium brown eggs as well.
One 5 month old lamancha x alpine buck for sale $200
We hope to have around 12 shetland geese for sale next spring/summer.
These are 1st gen from Holderreads show-quality geese, and we think our pair is gorgeous.

Price T.B.D. Expect to pay around $50 per gosling, please contact with interest now as several are already reserved.
Our egyptian goose was hit by a car, and our gander is very lonely.
We are either looking to purchase another goose, or sell the gander with gosling futures.
1 year old (non aggressive!) bourbon red tom for sale


Raw unwashed wool currently available - please contact