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We have a number of horses looking for homes, and more arriving frequently.

I help to run a a group called Need You Now Equine, we find new homes for horses destined for slaughter. NYNE gets all kinds of amazing horses, many that are well broke and healthy, they just ended up in bad situations. If you're looking for a specific type of horse please contact and I will see what I can do to help.
BBB has also taken in or helped to rehome a few other equines who were in need of new home, some of these may be listed in the future.

All horses are available for viewing at the farm, however we have limited riding space. You will be required to wear safety gear if you would like to try a horse. Trailering is available for all these guys to their new local homes for the price of gas, provided we have the time.


Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: early teens
Height: ~15.3Hh
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay
Registers/No: tattooed, hard to read, no papers, also branded on left hip
UTD: teeth, feet, worming, shots wbd on the 26th

Best for: novice rider on trails & more
Aj is an approximately 14 year old off-track thoroughbred mare who's been re-trained western.

Aj has a fantastic personality, really easy going & sweet dis potion both in out & of the tack. She is a fun ride, very light on the bit and in the turns, but with a nice easy to ride gait. Aj have very typical thoroughbred movement. She'd make a great mount for a novice rider (with proper instruction) for trails or gaming.


Breed: pony
Age: 5
Height: 10Hh
Gender: Mare
Colour: Brown
Registered/No: no
UTD: teeth, feet, worming & shots

Best for: first/show pony
Darla, or "Darling", is the most amazing little pony, really she's more a big horse in a little pony with no ponitude.
Darla absolutely adores children, she loves being brushed and fussed over. She's broke to lead-line bareback around the yard. You won't believe the quiet personality& good nature for how old she is.


Breed: pony
Age: 3 - 4
Height: 9Hh
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut w flaxen
Registered/No/: no
UTD: teeth, feet, worming, shots & gelded 2 months ago

Best for: adult/experienced owner
Mater, Mater, Mater. I love this little bugger. He's hilarious, when he's not being a complete pain.

Mater has some dwarfism which causes him to have an under-shot jaw (this does not affect his ability to eat, he's quite plump!). Mater is currently in training to be taught to be pull a cart, his price will go up with more training.

Mater is NOT a children's pony, he has a LOT of ponitude, and needs someone gentle (he's been mistreated in the past) but firm, sometimes VERY firm.


special consideration for a good home
Breed: Hinny (mule)
Age: 2 - 12??
Height: pony
Gender: stud (may be proud cut)
Colour: mutty buckskin with zebra stripes, dorsal, donkey
Registered/No: Uh, no.
UTD: nothing

Best for: Livestock guardian, experienced equine owner preferred.
Mules would like a job as a livestock guardian, I've had him on stock here & he's getting quite good at his new job.

Mules is completely unhandled, you can't handle him, you can't catch him. He does accept being hand-fed treats, but with an out-stretched neck. He takes after his donkey side and doesn't tranq, so don't think that's going to work unless you get the vet out, with a dart gun. As a consequence he has not had any medical care while he's here, but he's a mule and he's tough. His hooves are self-trimming and he's in no desperate need of immediate care. I've been working with him to try and get him more friendly, he's stubborn and very scared still.

Special consideration for his purchase price would be given to a home which would keep him as a livestock guardian and has lots of experience with equines. We already have 2 other guardians and don't need another.

BBB reserves the right to refuse sale of any equine at any time for any reason.