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We have eggs available year round thanks to our lovely layers. The chickens have access to a large run during the day and a big airy coop at night. There are TRUE free ranging chickens.
Yolks may appear darker in colour, and egg whites a little firmer, then store bought. They are absolutely delicious.

We always sell our eggs unwashed to preserve their natural bloom, because of this you may occasionally notice rough score marks on the eggs from removing shavings or dirt. Our eggs will also remain fresh for weeks longer then if they were washed.
We recommend washing your eggs with water before cooking, please do your research and determine what's right for you & your family.

Eggs are available from small to jumbo sizes and from white to medium brown in colour, depending on production. Please contact us ahead of time if you'd like a certain size so we can make up a carton for you.

Hatching eggs are always available as long as the weather outside is warm enough for the eggs to remain viable. The flock is a mostly Barred Plymouth Rock mixture with some Marran and other breeds thrown in. Hatching eggs are $10/dozen.
Other eggs would have been refrigerated and are unsuitable for hatching. We are not able to provide 'purebred' hatching eggs, instead we've chosen a mixture of chickens which match our production goals.

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