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Booth Boys Barn is located at 402 Dillabaugh Road in Kemptville, Ontario, CANADA.

Please note, the gps system thinks our road is named "Pillabaugh" and there are 4 Dillabaugh roads in our area. We are not hard to find (yellow house with a BIG barn out behind) but lots of people get lost their first time coming to see us.

Please call ahead for an appointment, drop-ins may not be accommodated (613) 989-1608.

Parking is available in the driveway before the gate, park past the gate at your own peril if the goats get out!

Please come visit us at the house before proceeding to the barn due to the dogs.

If you have ANY questions don't hesitate to e-mail:
We are always happy to help other producers if you have a question about our management.