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Due to our cows not calving in 2012, we've had a major disruption in our breeding system and we are hoping to have some beef by spring 2014.

We may be able to facilitate purchase of beef quarters from another local grass-finish farm in the fall of 2013. Please contact.

Our beef is pasture raised, and pasture finished. This produces a very lean, flavourful meat.
Cooking with grass-finished beef can be a little different because of the strong flavour of the fat.

Beef is available by the quarter. If you'd like to purchase just a small amount to sample our beef, please contact.

An example of a beef quarter - all weights are average
(amount of meat available depends on the size of the cow, this one was very small)
2x 1.8Kg pot roast (rump, blade steak, cross rib, etc.)
1.3Kg oven roast (sirloin tip, blade, etc.)
1 braising ribs
3 minute steaks
3 top round steaks
7 t-bone steaks
5 rib steaks
4 sirloin steaks
6Kg hamburger

Costing about $190.

The 2012 quarter will contain stewing beef, they will also be up to twice the size of the last ones. Please contact early if you'd like any special cuts.

Some organ meats and soup (or dog) bones are also available, please contact early.

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