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You can find out tons of information about the farm, and how we keep our animals on the Nes' Farm blog. Our philosophy is keeping animals in a natural environment is the kindest way to raise them for meat.

As Joel Salatin says "They have very happy lives and one bad day" and we live by this.

We are not organically certified, because we're a new operation. We don't feed all organic food, but we never feed animal bi-products. What we do feed is almost exclusively local feeds from Rooney's Feeds in Kemptville.

We never use pesticides any where on the property; and we never feed the animals antibiotics or use disinfectants for general maintenance or prevention, only if an animal is sick.

All of our food is grass raised and finished, including our beef, chicken & eggs.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us at